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Chariot is a research software platform based on the classical model of the Distributed Shared Memory abstraction (DSM), a technology that initially appeared in the research foreground in the early nineties ('90). We have extended and optimized the DSM technology, implemented in Chariot, with today's existing networking infrastructure and with the lately proposed multicore architectures, a powerful technology of today's Parallel Processing. Additional effort has been placed in optimizing the consistency protocols used in our research prototype and we have also set the appropriate awareness mechanism in the system to scout the existence of presumable underline multicore architectures. A new feature of this modern SDSM platform, which we are currently investigate, is to spot on demand available systems in the Internet, and incorporate them dynamically to form Grid based SDSM environments. A proof of concept of the proposed technology is to identify appropriate applications and ensure their efficient execution in the proposed platform.

People Involved

Elefterios D. Polychronopoulos (Faculty)
Georgios E. Tournavitis (MSc)
Artemis A. Christopoulou (MSc)